As an exercise philosophy, functional fitness training works to adopt and develop exercises that allow individuals to perform functional task, which require core stability and flexibility for activities of daily life and recreation. Functional fitness primarily involves weight bearing activities that concentrate on core muscles in the abdomen and low back, while incorporating techniques for decreasing muscle tension to improve joint mobility (flexibility).

Gym Machines vs. Functional Fitness

Gym machines target, isolate, and train specific muscles and do not bear any relationship to the movements people make in their regular activities, daily life, or sports. This is more for gaining muscle mass, and does not relate to the real world environment.

Our personal trainers use functional fitness to integrate all aspects of the body, while reprogramming the muscles to work together rather than isolating. This is found in rehabilitation training, sports conditioning, cross training, and activities of daily living.


Exercise is Medicine!!

If you have participated in physical therapy rehabilitation, it is important to maintain momentum and integrate a tailored fitness routine into your lifestyle. Our post-rehabilitation training programs will get you back into an active life style that strengthens you where you need it most and minimizes the risk of an injury. Once you are ready for exercise, we will ensure that you have a plan that works best for your body. You can take that next step to being better!

We conduct a thorough evaluation to best design your individualized rehabilitation program and set short and long term goals. This includes a Health and Fitness History, Previous Injuries, Pain, Body Composition Analysis, Static and Dynamic Flexibility and a Functional Movement Screen.

We coordinate a program to provide continuity of care with your physical therapist, physician, and/or chiropractor. We have special knowledge of post-rehabilitation exercises for people with various limitations that have or are recovering from injuries and/or treatments, including, but not limited to:

▪ Obesity & Weight Control
▪ Low Back Pain
▪ Shoulder, Hip, and Knee Pain
▪ Arthritis
▪ High Cholesterol
▪ Osteoporosis
▪ Diabetes
▪ Anxiety & Depression

Passive Assisted Stretching:

We will provide a series of assisted stretches specifically suited for your anatomical needs. These sessions will help you relax, improve flexibility, muscular balance, posture, pain-free range of motion and prevent back and other orthopedic problems. We gain information on how your body responds to static flexibility and decide which muscle groups can improve with flexibility training.


Kettlebells have been used since the early 1900’s to train soldiers and professional athletes. The bells are circular with a handle that enable you to perform wide range of exercises for a total body workout. Embody Pure Fitness is the premier Kettlebell training authority. Our trainers are internationally ranked in the World Kettlebell Club, and hold certifications as CrossFit Kettlebell Instructors.

There are numerous reasons for the boost in Kettlebell training, but the main reason is it gets back to the basic way of working out. Exercises with a Kettlebell engage multiple muscle groups at once. In this way, they are a great option for getting a full body workout utilizing cardio and strength training in a short time. We focus on teaching form and function of: Kettlebell swing, Kettlebell snatches, Kettlebell Jerk, and preparing for Kettlebell Sport Competition.

If you’re looking to increase your cardiovascular endurance, while building strength and power, Kettlebells are for you!

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Learn the cutting edge fitness movement that provides total body transformation. The Suspension Training workouts are not only for professional athletes; they are for anyone at any age that is looking to improve their overall fitness level. TRX incorporates bodyweight exercise through the full range of motion focusing on core stability, flexibility and strength. TRX Suspension Training is perfect for sports specific excises that incorporate tri-planer movement, speed, agility and power.

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Whether you're a world-class athlete, starting a fitness program, or just on the go, making nutrition a part of your daily routine is essential for any successful program. Your success is 60% dictated by your nutrition, and we provide cutting edge meal plans and nutritional guidance. Whether looking to decrease body fat, gain mass or lose weight we are here to help you achieve success. With the assistance of our celebrated personal trainers and industry leading dietitians we can insure your success. See price list.


Enjoy an individual personal training session while you are traveling or snowed in. If you have a smartphone, tablet or laptop available with a built in camera, sign into your Skype, Tango, or Google+ account and we will start training immediately. We will provide you with online video instruction as your private personal training session. We understand that you are busy, and traveling is a part of your occupation, but we are here for you.

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We develop a Senior Balance Program in senior living facilities and retirement homes that focus on increasing vestibular awareness in real world situations, confidence building, and improving balance. This program allows for more activities in senior living facilities, and an option for residents to improve their balance weekly with individual care. We start with baseline measurements of each individual using the "Dynamic Gait Index" and provide a 7-week course that helps them strengthen their core and improve balance.

Balancing requires processing of the sensory system (vestibular system, vision, and perception of pressure and proprioception), while the motor system simultaneously controls muscle actions. These systems must detect changes in body awareness with respect to one's environment.

There is an age-related decline in the sensory and motor systems to act concurrently. As a result, the elderly have an increased risk of injuries and falls. In fact, one in three adults aged 65 and over will fall each year, risking a hip fracture, concussion, or other conditions. The amount of assistance and support that an individual needs to conduct activities of daily living (bathing, walking, and grooming) depends on their level of balance. Standing upright and, postural sway are items that we focus on when conducting our class to ensure our students are safe in their living facilities.

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Are you ready to be push to your maximal potential in a fun environment with your peers?

Are you tired of endless amount of time in the gym doing the same routines?

Do you want to learn new workouts?

Boot Camp Workouts are dynamic and diverse fitness programs that provide total body conditioning in a fun and engaging atmosphere. Programs are designed to make you stronger, healthier and less prone to injuries. Our instructors provide comprehensive programs that are results orientated. We never sacrifice optimal body performance and safety in exchange for higher reps. All exercises can be modified for any fitness level. We get you the results you want with the attention of knowledgeable instructors you deserve.


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